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Fantasy Lab LV

On-Air Only

$80 Value Pair of Tickets. Open Daily at 11am. CFO NBA Legend Shaquille O'Neil joins the Team at Fantasy Lab. A fully immersive experience that will leave you mesmerized. With stunning visuals, enchanting soundscapes, and mind-bending illusions, ‘Time to Dream’ is an experience like no other. The dream is waiting – are you ready to take the leap? Thursdays to Saturdays. From 8 PM to 1 AM, Midnight Dreams is a visual spectacle 21 and over, where you can have a drink (or two) as you roam freely, absorbing the music, and visuals around. Be part of this unique nocturnal adventure. Midnight Dreams awaits you. Located inside Fashion Show mall 3200 South Las Vegas & Spring Mountain Road 725 200-3701

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