Weekly Program Schedule On-Air 8.8 - 8.14

                                                      WEEKLY PROGRAM SCHEDULE


Monday, AUG 8                                              

                                7am-8am                        HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH

                                8am-10am                      RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                               12pm-2pm                        PUSHING THE LIMITS

                    2pm-4pm                        TC MARTIN

                   4pm-6pm                         RADIO SHOPPING SHOW   

                  6pm-7pm                          OPEN ROAD RADIO (JUSTIN)  

                 9pm-10pm                         OPERMAN REPORT

Tuesday, AUG 9   

     8am-10am                         RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                  10am-12pm                        PUSHING THE LIMITS (JUSTIN)

                                2pm-4pm                           TC MARTIN (JUSTIN)

                                 4pm-6pm                           RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                                 6pm-7pm                            HARVEY HYDE (JUSTIN)

                                 9pm-10pm                           OPERMAN REPORT


Wednesday, AUG 10  

                                7am-8am                             RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

                   8am-9am                             RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                   9am-10am                           SPORTS INSIDER (MARK)

                                12pm-2pm                           PUSHING THE LIMITS (JUSTIN)

                   2pm-4pm                             TC MARTIN (

                    4pm-6pm                            RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                   6pm-7pm                             HARVEY HYDE (REPLY)

                    9pm-10pm                          OPERMAN REPORT

Thursday, AUG 11  

        7am-8am                          RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

                    8am-10am                          RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                                12pm-2pm                           PUSHING THE LIMITS (JUSTIN)

                  2pm-4pm                              TC MARTIN (JUSTIN)

                 4pm-5pm                               RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                 6pm-7pm                           HARVEY HYDE (REPLY)

9pm-10pm                         OPERMAN REPORT

Friday, AUG 12

7am-8am                               RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

             8am-10am                            RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

            12pm-2pm                            PUSHING THE LIMITS (JUSTIN)

             2pm-4pm                              TC MARTIN (JUSTIN) REMOTE

            4pm-6pm                               RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

             6pm-7pm                              RENT IT BUY IT REFI IT

            9pm-10pm                            OPERMAN REPORT

Saturday, AUG 13

                                7am-7:30am                     DR ANETTE SHOW
                                8am-9am                          RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

                                9am-12pm                        RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

                                1pm-2pm                           HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH

                                2pm-3pm                           THE MORTGAGE VOICE

                                3pm-4pm                           FILM FESTIVAL RADIO

                                4pm-5pm                            VEGAS VOICE


Sunday, AUG 14

                                8am-9am                              RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

                                10am-12pm                          LV GERMAN SHOW (JUSTIN)

                                12pm-1pm                            CAT RESCUE SHOW (JUSTIN)