Payment Policy - Effective 1/1/22

January 01, 2022


ATTENTION:  KSHP Radio Station Customers


New Policy for payment of orders.

On the day you place an order, that order will be processed on the SAME DAY VIA Credit Card.  If you should have any Radio Shopping Show Bucks to use, you MUST Call the front desk at 702-221-1200 to let us know not to run your Credit Card.  You will then have 24 hours (No longer) to pick your order up, and if you are not in within the 24 hours, your order will be processed VIA the Credit Card on file.  If you do not have an Active Credit Card on file with us then your order will be refiled.

Any Customers that do not have Credit Cards on file must come in that day to pick up and pay for your order, and if you are not in that same day, your order will be refiled.

We recommend that all customers have a Credit Card on file as that will eliminate your orders being refiled.

Thank you for your cooperation.