Fast Food  $10 - Jerky or Snacks

Crunch of Aloha
Henderson, NV
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Value: $10.00
You pay: $5.00

$10 gift certificate for Jerky or Snacks at Crunch of Aloha (10960 S Eastern Ave Suite 109 / Sunridge Heights). Crunch of Aloha specializes in Thin Crunchy Beef Jerky, we have 65 (2 gallon) glass jars filled w/ various Crackseed, a wide selection of all types of Hawaiian snacks & more! Beef jerky chips which are thin slices of beef jerky with different flavors. Thin like potato chips but healthy & some of the flavors are KETO friendly! Also, we carry Strongarm Hawaiian Apparel, Blankets, Flags & more. Open at 11am 7 days a week! Order online at . (808) 216-4908 . You can sample any of the products in the Jars!