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Weekly Programming Schedule

Weekly Programming Schedule

Weekly Program Schedule On-Air 3.13- 3.19

                     WEEKLY PROGRAM SCHEDULE

Monday, March 6                                          

7am-8am                      HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH


8am-10am                    RADIO SHOPPING SHOW


10am-12pm                   PUSHING THE LIMITS (MARK)

2pm-4pm                      TC MARTIN (JUSTIN)

4pm-6pm                       RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

6pm-7pm                       OPEN ROAD RADIO (MARK)  

9pm-10pm                     OPERMAN REPORT


Tuesday, March 7



8am-10am                      RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

12pm-2pm                      PUSHING THE LIMITS (MARK)


2pm-4pm                       TC MARTIN (JUSTIN)


4pm-6pm                       RADIO SHOPPING SHOW


5:45pm-7pm                      HARVEY HYDE (MARK)


9pm-10pm                   OPERMAN REPORT


Wednesday, March 8


7am-8am                          RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

8am-9am                           RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

9am-10am                         SPORTS INSIDER (MARK)


12pm-2pm                          PUSHING THE LIMITS (MARK)

2pm-4pm                           TC MARTIN (JUSTIN)

4pm-6pm                            RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

6pm-7pm                             HARVEY HYDE (REPLY)

9pm-10pm                          OPERMAN REPORT


Thursday, March 9


7am-8am                           RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

8am-10am                          RADIO SHOPPING SHOW


12pm-2pm                          PUSHING THE LIMITS

2pm-4pm                           TC MARTIN (JUSTIN)

4pm-6pm                           RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

6pm-7pm                            HARVEY HYDE (ETHAN)

9pm-10pm                           OPERMAN REPORT


Friday, March 10


7am-8am                            RACE DAY LAS VEGAS

8am-10am                           RADIO SHOPPING SHOW

12pm-2pm                            PUSHING THE LIMITS (MARK)


2pm-4pm                              TC MARTIN (JUSTIN) REMOTE


4pm-6pm                              RADIO SHOPPING SHOW


9pm-10pm                            OPERMAN REPORT


Saturday, March 11


6am-7am                              JB the Tickets 


7am-7:30am                         DR ANETTE SHOW


8am-9am                              RACE DAY LAS VEGAS


9am-11am                             RADIO SHOPPING SHOW


11am-1pm                             OLDIES BUT GOODIES (ETHAN)


1pm-2pm                              HERE'S TO YOUR HEALTH


3pm-4pm                              FILM FESTIVAL RADIO



  Sunday, March 12


6am-7am                     JB the Tickets 

8am-9am                      RACE DAY LAS VEGAS


10am-12pm                   GERMAN SHOW (JUSTIN)


12pm-1pm                  VEGAS VOICE REPLAY