Radio Shopping Show featured on KLAS TV, Channel 8

Melissa Duran, Reporter
Local Radio Station Offers Money Saving Deals

Updated: Sep 30, 2008 01:33 PM PDT


With higher gas and food prices, you and your family may have had to cut some simple luxuries like movies or eating out to help with the budget.

The phone lines are always lit at KSHP, a small Las Vegas radio shop offering big savings for consumers.

One caller asks, "Can I get two pair to the Rat Pack at the plaza?" What normally costs $114 will go for $34.

Whether you're looking for show tickets or an oil change, the radio shopping show may be the best bang for your buck, just ask Rick Chandler, a loyal customer who today is picking up some show tickets he recently bought.

"I'm retired and it helps the budget to get deals. People come to town, it gives me a way of entertaining people without breaking the budget," said Chandler. During tough economic times, Chandler says deals like this keep his life normal. "You gotta get out once in a while so this helps."

"It stretches your budget without question. You still have the ability to go out and enjoy life and save on some things you would use anyway," said Brett Grant, managing owner.

To take part, you sign up for a free membership and with that, you are able to call the show and pick from hundreds of gift certificates available. Those gift certificates are sold, in many cases, for half their value.

"If you want to go to a nice restaurant for example, we offer a $50 dining certificate to a restaurant in town, you'll be able to get it for $25 to $30," said Grant. "Everything you would purchase as a consumer whether you have to work on your car, beauty salons, show tickets, fine dining, fast food," he adds.

There are even gift certificates for surgical procedures, such as lap band surgery.

Grant says it's a recession proof business that truly lets you live large for less. K-Shop is able to get all of these gift certificates on a trade with businesses. In exchange for the certificates, companies are given advertisement time. K-Shop is then able to sell the certificates at a discounted price. Although you do have to sign up for a free membership, Eyewitness News is told your information is not sold to any outside companies.