KSHP Fundraising Program




KSHP's Fund Raising Program for Schools & Churches

Let KSHP help your school, church or non-profit organization raise Money!!  It's  fast and very easy!!  Just call 702-221-1200 and ask about the Radio Shopping Show Fund Raisers. It will be the easiest and most profitable fund raiser your organization has ever done. 

You can offer merchandise that's available on the Radio Shopping Show at 50% off the retail prices and earn 10% for your organization all at the same time.  It's truly a WIN WIN program.

What will you be offering?

  • Movie Tickets
  • Fine Dining
  • Fast Food Certificates 
  • Pizza Certificates 
  • Las Vegas Shows & Entertainment
  • Local Hotels
  • Resorts and Travel Destinations
  • Manicures & Pedicures
  • Oil Changes
  • Car Washes
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Health Clubs

    It's fun and it's so easy! The Radio Shopping Show offers your members the opportunity to buy restaurant certificates, movie passes, entertainment packages and hundreds of other items for half price from the convenience of their  home. The best part? We will donate 10% of every dollar your group spends to your special cause!

    There is no up front cost on your part.  Your group simply selects the items they would like to purchase at half price from the Fund Raising order forms and we quickly process their orders and mail all the gift certificates right to their doorsteps. Nothing to deliver on your part.

    Here Are A Few Easy Rules that must be followed:

    1. Please leave a 15% minimum tip on all restaurant gift certificates used.
    2. Restaurant certificates have 90 day expiration dates and are limited to one certificate per party every 90 days.
    3. Gift Certificate holders are responsible for all taxes and transportation on hotel and resort stays.
    4. Some gift certificates are limited in availability and may not be in stock when you first order.

    Take advantage of 50% savings and Remember in addition, 10% of every dollar spent goes right back to your organization or special cause!

    Let the Radio Shopping Show help you raise funds for A great cause.

  • Just email reneereed@kshp.com for more details!