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Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball
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4/6/2015 Monday Dodgers vs San Diego (Opening Day!) 1:10p
4/7/2015 Tuesday Clippers vs. L.A. Lakers 7:30 PM
4/8/2015 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Diego 7:10p
4/9/2015 Thursday
4/10/2015 Friday Dodgers @ Arizona 6:40p
4/11/2015 Saturday Dodgers @ Arizona 5:10p
4/12/2015 Sunday Dodgers @ Arizona 1:10p
4/13/2015 Monday Clippers vs. Denver 7:30 PM
4/14/2015 Tuesday Clippers at Phoenix 7:30 PM
4/15/2015 Wednesday Dodgers vs Seattle 7:10p
4/16/2015 Thursday
4/17/2015 Friday Dodgers vs Colorado 7:10p
4/18/2015 Saturday Dodgers vs Colorado 6:10p
4/19/2015 Sunday Dodgers vs Colorado 1:10p
4/20/2015 Monday
4/21/2015 Tuesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 7:15p
4/22/2015 Wednesday Dodgers @ San Francisco 7:15p
4/23/2015 Thursday Dodgers @ San Francisco 12:45p
4/24/2015 Friday Dodgers @ San Diego 7:10p
4/25/2015 Saturday Dodgers @ San Diego 5:40p
4/26/2015 Sunday Dodgers @ San Diego 1:10p
4/27/2015 Monday Dodgers vs San Francisco 7:10p
4/28/2015 Tuesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 7:10p
4/29/2015 Wednesday Dodgers vs San Francisco 7:10p
4/30/2015 Thursday
5/1/2015 Friday Dodgers vs Arizona 7:10p
5/2/2015 Saturday Dodgers vs Arizona 6:10p
5/3/2015 Sunday Dodgers vs Arizona 1:10p


The Race Day Las Vegas Radio Network

Host Ralph Siraco brings you daily Race and Sports programming from "the gaming capital of the world", Las Vegas, Nevada. All programs are broadcast live on AM 1400 KSHP in Las Vegas, and streamed live on the internet through

Broadcast from 7:05 am - 8:00 am, and weekends at 8:05 AM - 9:00 AM Pacific time. Ralph takes you around the world of thoroughbred racing, from the Racetracks to the Racebooks of Las Vegas.


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